PrivacyGard: Breach & Cyber Services

PrivacyGard: Breach & Cyber Services

Assessment and Notification

If management suspects or has evidence of a breach, contact BeneTechs immediately. Do not wait until you are sure a breach has occurred! Time is of the essence. Collaboratively our breach specialists will determine if a breach has occurred and if so, assess the nature of the breach, define and implement a suitable response based on the facts surrounding the breach. Notification assistance will be part of the solution to meet legal requirements and serve as the company’s first good-will action to affected people. A secure website including approved breach FAQs may be created to serve as an enrollment platform for gifted credit products after a breach. The Breach Response Plan, if one exists, is activated.

Fraud Resolution and Direct Customer Interaction

Recipients have unlimited access to the fraud department to ask questions of BeneTechs specialists, express concerns, or receive resolution for any identity theft problems. Fraud specialists assist recipients with proactive protection and credit product enrollments while providing personal reassurance.

Additional Services

BeneTechs specialists will create a media action plan, if necessary, to coordinate press releases and address outside inquiries. This is a key step in getting in front of negative public reaction and protecting the company’s reputation. BeneTechs experts will coordinate with regulatory authorities, credit bureaus, and law enforcement. If the type of breach requires distribution of monitoring products to affected individuals, BeneTechs offers a variety of monitoring products at advantageous pricing. BeneTechs offers web-based training for our clients in: data handling protocols, compliance and legal, and special considerations for medical providers. Training includes guidelines, assessments and interactive scoring.

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