BizGard: Business Growth & Continuity Service

BizGard: Business Growth & Continuity Service

Growing Your Business

Business Growth is an essential part of any business that wishes to remain viable. Frequently the leaders of many small- to medium-size businesses are so busy with running the day-to-day activities that planning for the future is neglected.

Our Business Growth service provides practical guidance in key areas to plan sustainable business growth, regardless of size or industry.

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Staffing

Strategy and Operations

We offer expert instructions to help you analyze your business strategies and identify opportunities for growth. This allows you to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by streamlining business operations and implementing smart business strategies. You are prepared to tackle challenges specific to your industry, client needs, and business objectives.

Marketing and Staffing

Our materials help you identify the most effective marketing strategies to meet your business and revenue goals, yielding clear recommendations on everything from the best channels for investment to staffing best practices to possible new product development or customer segments to target. As your goals change, you can adjust the recommendations and tools to grow and change alongside them.

Business Planning for Continuity

Business planning is not only for continuity but also for planning for your future. It is essential to surviving a crisis, be it a natural disaster or the unavailability of the business principal. But it is also necessary for overall business survival. Companies that fail to plan cease to grow and soon begin to lose market share to competitors or new entrants. BeneTechs helps you prepare. We provide toolkits and guidance to help you create a baseline assessment of the business, organize business information, and prepare appropriate documentation for an emergency. You will craft a Business Continuity Plan covering employee and customer communication, brand and reputation management, selection and training of a trusted designated person to manage day-to-day operations during the disability term, aid in establishing checks and balances, what to do in the event of a disaster, and an exit strategy if needed. Our toolkits and instructions also cover information necessary to activate a Business Operating Expense policy and where to find the needed information to document your operating expenses for reimbursement through your policy.

Advocacy Services

BeneTechs BizGard Advocacy service is designed to provide extra help when you need it most by assigning a trusted professional only a phone call away.

Our professionals can help you complete the planning tasks or assist your trusted designated person through the entire claims process, including assisting with claim paperwork preparation, guidance for supporting documentation, advocacy to your business operating expense policy insurance carrier, and post-filing concerns and questions.

BeneTechs Provides a Unique and Effective Solution

BeneTechs offers its BizGard Business Growth and Continuity Services solution--the first of its kind in the marketplace designed for small and medium sized businesses. BeneTechs becomes a trusted resource to help with business challenges during good and bad times. During good times we help plan for growth, and during challenging times when disability strikes a principal in the business, we offer guidance and instructions to help prepare the business prior to a triggering event, including selecting and preparing a designated person to assist with operations as well as managing the requirements of your BOE policy. With this service, your business can focus on continuing operations and making critical decisions for the future of the company.

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