ChargebackGard: Chargeback Solutions

ChargebackGard: Chargeback Solutions

Chargeback disputes impose a burden to businesses in time and cost. The time involved in a dispute process is significant and leads many businesses to absorb the costs of the chargeback rather than pursue the dispute. Unfortunately, ignorance isn't bliss and can be potentially damaging. Too many disputes may lead to card processors imposing higher fees. BeneTechs ChargebackGard Service is an effective remedy for businesses without an in-house solution or those seeking to shift the burden to a trusted source.

BeneTechs ChargebackGard Service becomes a working partner with the merchant business-assuming the heavy lifting required to effectively address the challenges of chargebacks and associated transaction fraud. BeneTechs ChargebackGard Service integrates with the payment operations of the client companies, offering services implemented by experienced chargeback specialists and supported by the BeneTechs fraud team. Each issue is recorded in a case management system, creating a database of dispute history and a resource for analyzing patterns and trends.

BeneTechs ChargebackGard Service focuses on:

  • Retrieval requests, chargebacks, and dispute resolution
  • Resolution of transaction fraud on behalf of the client business
  • Creation of useful internal analytics
  • Staff training to reduce the level of future chargebacks and related fraud

Our team of highly-experienced chargeback and fraud specialists is a powerful resource, available to assist a business on a daily basis or as needed.

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