EPLGuard: Employment Services

EPLGard: Employment Services

According to the 2013 Chubb Private Company Risk Survey:

One-in-four surveyed companies experienced an EPL claim over the past three years, and over 40 percent of EPL claims are being filed against small businesses.

The EEOC has been very clear: A company without a compliant EEO Policy and effective procedures to address workplace discrimination has no basis for an affirmative defense. The Policies and Procedures must be documented, and the business must offer proof of its implementation and enforcement.

EPLGard provides businesses with preventive solutions to address conflicts arising from equal employment opportunity compliance. These resources facilitate creation of a compliant EEO Policy, development of procedures to eliminate discrimination within the workplace, and deployment of a continuing education platform. EPLGard adheres to the Best Practice guidelines recommended by the EEOC. Implementing these guidelines is critical to mitigating the risks associated with employment practices.

  • Race and color
  • Sex-related issues
  • Pregnancy and Family Medical Leave
  • Religious discrimination
  • Compensation
  • Age-related discrimination
  • Disabled employees
  • Employee benefits
  • Criminal records discrimination
  • Working caregivers
  • Retaliation harassment
  • Whistleblower guidance
  • Generic information
  • Social media issues
  • Background checking protocols

EPLGard focuses on the need for companies to fully support the spirit of EEO compliance; that is, that all employees have the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment.

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