CPS: College Planning System

CPS: College Planning System

Escalating college costs leave many families unaware of how expensive higher education really is. Unanticipated expenses and lack of planning has led to massive college drop-out rates, students taking up to 6 years (or more) to graduate, and 53% of new grads in 2021 being unemployed or underemployed. Many envisioned college as a path to a brighter future, but the reality is often just the opposite, including massive family debt often nearly impossible to repay.

Benetechs is proud to partner with LFE Institute to bring you their unbiased College Planning Educational System. This digital, self-paced 5-step CPS System will help you learn specific strategies to save money on college, while also avoiding costly mistakes. It is an essential first step when planning for college … before comparing Financial Aid packages, completing FAFSA, or working with College Planners who can cost from $1,800 to $10,000 per student.

LFE Institute’s College Planning System (CPS) was developed by a national team of Academic and Financial Advisors. It is designed to help families save thousands as they navigate new post-COVID complexities when planning for college.

No other solution offers a clear step-by-step Plan, provides exciting new alternatives to consider, and covers critical questions every student and parent needs to ask … then connects them to precise hard-to-find resources to help them avoid costly mistakes that could negatively impact their finances for decades.

There's nothing like it anywhere!

Benefits to Parents:

  • Protect your retirement savings
  • Save thousands on college
  • Take the emotions out of College Planning
  • Learn 'Insider secrets' colleges don't want you to know
  • Master strategies to set limits
  • Maximize every dollar spent on college
  • Ask the right questions millions never ask until it's too late
  • Discuss college and career goals & expectations with your student

Benefits to Students:

  • Avoid costly college mistakes
  • Develop their own 5-Step College Plan
  • Graduate quicker
  • Borrow less
  • Answer 15 essential questions colleges don't want them to know
  • Avoid traps 500,000 students have fallen into the past 5 years
  • Be better prepared for the job market

Learn More about the CPS System and take advantage of the special discount LFE Institute has granted to Benetechs customers!