CareGard: Caregiver Services

CareGard: Caregiver Services

Caring for an elderly family member is stressful. Add to that the complexity of finding what services exist and how to take advantage of them and it becomes overwhelming.

The BeneTechs CareGard Program is specifically designed to address the complexity and stress of caring for the elderly. The CareGard program offers unlimited toll-free access to an experienced advocate providing consultation and assistance to address urgent needs.

Complementing the advocate is a web portal offering information, research, and interactive services including Medicare guidelines, gerontology resources, and personal wellness suggestions for caregivers. The portal also offers access to the eldercare and assisted living specialists Provider Directory.

Sadly, the elderly are frequent targets of scams designed to gain access to their money and identity. To combat this BeneTechs CareGard offers information resources directed by experienced fraud specialists on: Spousal Estate Settlement; Elder Identity Wellness Checkup to mitigate the risk of elder financial abuse; and Eldercare Document Management to replace, assimilate and organize critical documentation pertaining to the care recipient.

The CareGard Program has been created and recognized as a unique offering easing the growing issue of caregiver stress syndrome. Research shows that many caregivers suffer acute anxiety due to the difficult role they assume with no training or preparation, and not knowing where to turn to get help. The results of this stress affect multiple aspects of their lives, both personal and professional. The Caregiver Program addresses these concerns and stressors by providing experienced advocates, professional providers, and an information resource to answer questions and provide guidance through a difficult period.

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