DisasterGard: Urgent Privacy Response Services

DisasterGard: Urgent Privacy Response Services

Disaster planning begins with identifying both common and uncommon threats to your security. By developing a robust disaster preparedness plan, you and your family will be able to respond to uncontrollable risks such as natural disasters and widespread infectious disease. Advanced planning can ensure physical safety, aid in managing emergency supplies, and prevent stressful interruptions in communication among family members as well as important contacts such as medical professionals.

Document Replacement

Natural disasters and home fires can be devastating experiences for anyone. Compounding the stress is the need to replace documents essential to filing claims and returning to day-to-day life. BeneTechs DisasterGard Document Replacement was created to help when families are entangled in a chaotic ordeal. Our fraud specialists have extensive experience expediting the replacement of sensitive documents and working with bureaucratic government agencies and institutions.

Disasters are only one reason to need documents replaced. Our service is available to clients for any reason, even if the document has simply been misplaced.

Travel Privacy Assistance

Losing a wallet or airline ticket can be a significant problem. Combined with the risk of privacy compromise and the additional difficulty of getting to your destination, it becomes a substantial stressor and time-consumer.

Knowing who to call and how to call is no small feat. If this occurs when traveling internationally it is even more of a problem and can overwhelm even the most experienced traveler. This specialized service from BeneTechs is designed to help domestic and international travelers who find themselves without essential documents: passports, visas, airline tickets, credit cards, etc. A fraud specialist may initiate a variety of measures to help, including coordinating communications with family and business associates and sending emergency funds through secure channels to victims with no identification. The fraud specialist may initiate document replacement, maintaining access to financial accounts, and facilitating a safe return home.

You are urged to contact our fraud department prior to departure. A specialist will offer up-to-date travel precautions, suggestions for securing information, and contact information to be used in the event you encounter problems and require long-distance access to a specialist.

Address Change

Moving to a new residence is exciting but also stressful with countless things to pack and countless items needing changes of address. BeneTechs specialists offer suggestions to be considered to preserve the integrity of your personal information. The specialist will help with change of address letters and notifying relevant parties. Following the move, the specialist will also undertake a proactive review of your credit file to search for fraudulent activity that may necessitate resolution.

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