FloodGard: Flood Risk Assessment

FloodGard: Flood Risk Assessment

Your Mortgage will last 30 years – will your property?

Floods from hurricanes, storms and King tides can be devastating to your property. Your property may be protected but will surrounding roads and areas be flooded prohibiting access? Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, all in 2017, demonstrated that damage can extend far inland.

Building Owners and Managers in coastal areas know the damages that flooding can cause, observing them first-hand from Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, nor’easters, torrential downpours and King Tide flooding.

Intense rainfall events are becoming more frequent. The rate of coastal flooding is increasing. As sea levels rise, the number of days of King Tide (“sunny day”) flooding is dramatically increasing in most coastal cities in the US. These changes put billions of dollars of commercial property investments in jeopardy for greater damages and loss of property values.

Knowing the risk of flood can help you make a better purchase decision or better protect a property already owned.

The FloodGard report identifies the property’s risk from hurricane storm surge, extreme tides, and sea level rise. Rather than reporting on only the current situation, FloodGard reports on the expected flood risk for the current year and projects for15 and 30 year planning horizons. This period covers the life of a typical mortgage, allowing you to determine your overall exposure to flood over time.

BeneTechs offers FloodGard as a standalone risk mitigation service, as well as bundled with DisasterGard services.

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