CyberGard: Breach and Cyber Services

CyberGard: Breach and Cyber Services

Fraud Resolution Services

Fraud Resolution is the heart of CyberGard. Resolving fraud issues is not easy and attempting to do it without knowledgeable help adds to the stress and time to resolution. BeneTechs 1-on-1 services address known and suspected fraud afflicting any family member including identity theft, account takeover, and credit card fraud. Our professionals work with you or your family members individually in cases of financial, synthetic, criminal, and medical identity theft. These crimes can take a huge financial and psychological toll on a family. Our mission is to resolve these entanglements professionally and compassionately.

BeneTechs personalized resolution strategies are just that: personalized to you and your situation. Our fraud specialists work directly with you and necessary third parties including credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors, law enforcement, and government agencies, preparing required correspondence and facilitating appropriate fraud alerts and freezes. BeneTechs CyberGard does not need your power of attorney, providing you greater peace of mind and reducing your stress immediately!

Social Media and Mobile Device Services

Social media and mobile devices are essential parts of our lives, but also provide another way our privacy can be compromised. BeneTechs specialists help our clients protect personal information and online privacy, purge inappropriate online information, defend against online identity fraud, protect sensitive information on mobile devices, and defend against cyber threats. Cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying are two newer challenges mobile devices and social media have given rise to and our fraud specialists are ready to assist by investigating, resolving, and defending against these problems.

Spousal Estate Services

The passing of a spouse is a stressful time. Our trained team can assist by providing a highly personalized service addressing issues of estate settlement, including review of the deceased's credit file, procurement of required settlement documents, and necessary notifications of death. Our team will also assist with the forms, benefits, and information protection when assisted living or hospice care is considered.

Military Families

As if military personnel don't put themselves in harm's way often enough, they and their families are considered soft fraud targets by criminals. This BeneTechs service offers access to unique proactive measures to protect the families of our deployed military personnel. BeneTechs fraud specialists work with the three major credit agencies to implement Active Duty Military Fraud Alerts on the accounts. Fraud specialists also delete the family's name from preapproved credit offers and other personalized marketing for two years. The goal is to help protect the families of the military personnel who protect us.

Protecting Children

Children are key targets for identity theft. Our specialists know how that works and what to do to fix it. Records are checked, and fraudulent records removed. After sanitizing the credit files, the files are then suppressed until the child reaches adulthood or requests that the suppression be lifted. Resolution of any fraudulent activity reduces the chances of erroneous information impacting a child's future records or career, and the ability to secure legitimate credit or housing.

Change in Marital Status

Marriage is the start of a new life for the people involved and old issues should be resolved beforehand. A BeneTechs fraud specialist will conduct a review of the credit files of the new partners before the marriage and highlight potential victimization of either party. The discovery of suspicious activity will initiate resolution procedures. A BeneTechs fraud specialist will be in charge of managing the case and overseeing all services. Also offered are insights pertaining to marriage licensing and other requirements. If the couple decides on a name change, the specialist helps to ensure a smooth transition.

In the event of divorce, the fraud specialist can also guide an individual through the intricacies of reinstating a family name with government agencies and institutions.

Break-in Claims Protection

This highly specialized program protects policyholders experiencing a home or auto break-in from subsequent fraud as a result of stolen documents. The service includes credit reports, review, and credit monitoring at no charge.

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