Business Risk Services

The Price of Risk for Business

The risks to businesses are increasing across all threat landscapes, including litigation, fines, data theft, ransomware, transaction fraud, and devastating natural disasters.

Too often these risks are ignored due to lack of knowledge of what to do about them. But that doesn’t reduce the risk. BeneTechs offers simple, easy to understand, cost-effective ways to address the risks associated with the problems facing businesses today: breach and cyber protections, chargebacks, Employment Practice Liability, disaster recovery, and flood risk protection. BeneTechs services help businesses protect against these risks and offer programs that enhance the user experience, provide meaningful benefits to employees and members, reduce lost time, improve retention and attraction rates, and create new opportunities.

The detriments to a business of ignoring risks are:

  • Decision avoidance or poor decision-making
  • Increased costs
  • Business credibility and reputation loss
  • Possible entire business shutdown